Wanted: Potty Learning Tips


Sixtine has been showing potty learning readiness for a bit now.

 Throw your tips at me!

Thank you 🙂


  1. How old is she? Just start taking her and give her lots of diaper free time 🙂

  2. Hi Deb! That is so exciting!! I think it depends on what you as parents and of course your child are comfortable with doing. I would suggest making a plan and walking her though it to see what she thinks of the arrangement 😉 Give her lots of opportunities to go to the potty at scheduled intervals (e.g.. upon waking, before leaving to go out, upon arrival at a destination, and every 45 minutes to an hour when they are still quite young). Have a set of spare clothes or two handy when you go out! And don’t force the issue as that will turn her off! Also, know that there might be several phases to this potty training and don’t stress too much. I found it helpful to give my girls a few potty options since they would often go through potty strike phases (a toilet insert, a small potty in a few key rooms…see detailed comment below!).

    Some really great training pants to try are Snap trainers which you can find online. My friend, Alexandra who owns a fab Canadian online natural parenting and toy store called Ava’s Appletree has them: http://www.avasappletree.ca/training-pants/

    As I mentioned before, a toilet insert and step stool, plus a Baby Bjorn Potty is also very helpful:

    The Baby Bjorn has a very simple design and easy for them to sit on..you can place it in any room although we kept one in the bathroom and another in her bedroom -which is handy if you are all racing to use the bathroom at the same time or if your daughter notices that she has to go right that second! You can use a toilet shower spray to clean the potty after each use, or else run under the shower and wipe with a wet wipe.

    When they were really young we used cloth diapers when possible so they could get used to the feeling of wetness (I do use disposables at night more often than not, though). We also tried to go diaper free whenever possible at home, especially in the warmer months and took them for regular potty opportunities. Try to use clothes that she can easy pull up and down. If she is no longer in diapers but trainers, you can also just use the trainers or regular underwear at night and a couple of towels on her mattress/ or something that will absorb an accident and take her to potty while she is asleep at around midnight, if she normally sleeps through the night. It takes a while for their bladder muscles to also adapt to more extended periods.

    Hope that helps somewhat and good luck!

    • Hi and thank you so much! I checked out your friend’s site and it is really nice! I think I will go the toilet seat/step stool route! Sixtine will love copying me. She is pretty good at undressing herself (I often get her up in the morning and find her half naked ;). Thanks again!

  3. oh how exciting! good luck..we’re not there yet, so i’ll look back and ask you for tips next year!

  4. I read this great blog by a very cool American mum of 4 (!). When her little girl was ‘ready’, she made a big deal out of it and took her to choose ‘big girl’ underpants (including superhero ones!)… an idea?
    p.s: she’s really into Montessori too!

  5. Wishing you all the best it will be me in two years time. Ekk!

  6. Just keep it low-key and fun, You might need to try different potties, what seems comfy to you might not to her! Praise when she pees/poohs in the potty/toilet and don’t make a big deal out of any accidents. Let her decide when she doesn’t want a nappy any more, both daytimes and nighttimes.

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