Exclusively Breastfeeding: We Made It To Three Months


Thanks to a wonderful midwife, support groups, good friends and determination, I have reached the 3 months goal I had set for myself; a  realistic goal – something that seemed doable rather than discouraging. I cannot believe that I overcame excruciating pain, tears and exhaustion, all for the sake of my little one’s health. I am proud of myself, proud of her for sticking around (haha) despite some issues we have undergone and I am officially setting a new goal: the 6 months mark. It is not all roses but it brings me joy and satisfaction that I can provide for her this way. I love this special bond we have.

Do you think I can survive without a breast pump? Debating whether I should get one or not…would love to go out with my husband! 


  1. Congrats! I think the first three months are the hardest. I breastfed my son until nine months (went back to work at 8) and I pumped everyday. I hated pumping but it meant I could leave the house for an hour to shop or walk the dogs, basically pump equals freedom 😉 I would pump in the morning since that was the only time I had milk to spare (I used the avent single electric). If you shop around there are good deals out there (got my latest one for 45% at amazon). With the twins I am happy to say they turn six months next week and I am still nursing, but I have no time or extra milk to pump so they just get a bit of formula when I need to be away from them for whatever reason or when we are on the go for long periods. Congrats again!

    • It is so reassuring/encouraging hear! Thank you for your input! When (and IF) she nurses on a more “noticeable” pattern, I will be able to do those things without her and not imagine the worse happening while I am away (she is screaming with hunger – only happened when she was tiny tiny). In this case, I wouldn’t need a pump. Otherwise, I may have to get one. I think our health plan covers it.

  2. Definitely get an electric one – I had a manual one at first and they hurt my hands so much! Well done for getting this far, it’s more than I could manage.

  3. You rock Baby! I’m SO proud of you. From my point of view, continue breastfeeding Vic as long as you can. And if one day you really want to go out alone with Jase, just buy one. But it will still be your milk so there is no reason to worry!

  4. Well done you!
    I’m obviously out of the loop but I would say yes to the pump (whatever allows you to have fun outside the house!)

  5. Well done! Every day is fantastic. I pumped with the toddler because I had to go back to work and the cheeky monkey refused to drink formula. It was the only option but I also think it would be great to do so you can leave the house for a bit longer without worrying. Good luck xx

    • How long did you pump for? Just wondering whether I will pump “enough” milk to provide for her on a daily basis. Don’t they drink tons more milk as they grow? I remember Sixtine drinking ounces and ounces of formula.

  6. Congratulations.. i did / do have a pump i never used it to pump and feed just to.ease any engorgement or to pump and dump.
    Even now 10 months in to breastfeeding my guy just doesnt want a bottle. Ive tried to put my milk in to a sippy cup which he also refuses water only in the sippy.

    Id say if youve manged this long without a pump there isnt any need for one.

    • I agree. I used it successfully with my second daughter but she preferred to just drink water from a little cup or wait until I returned. When they are a few months older they can go for longer stretches without the milk. We found the stretches after a morning feed (9:30-11:30am) or lunch feed (1-4pm) the best time to miss a nursing or bottle feed as they usually nap then anyway.

    • Thank you! I have a feeling feeding from a bottle will prove challenging: she won’t take a soother! That would totally work if she just waited for me! Thanks for your input!

  7. Just to add i also have the single elctric avent pump im super happy with it.

  8. Valerie says:

    I would get a pump so you can go out sometimes (and soon, if you plan to offer the baby bottles, because at some point they start to refuse). 🙂 There is some info on breast pumps on my breastfeeding page, if you’re interested: http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/breastfeeding-rocks/
    Well done on making it to three months. 😀

  9. Way to go! I also recommend a pump. It can help in lots of ways – so you can store extra milk, increase milk supply, and maybe have a date ;)!

  10. Well done! When I was pregnant I swore I wouldn’t BF at all, as soon as she arrived she latched and despite the excruciating pain that you mentioned I to soldered on. Something changed in me. I exclusively BF her as she refused my expressed milk from a bottle at 3 months. I worked on weekends so husband would follow me if I was going to be longer than 3 hours so that I could BF her. Started adding solids to her diet at 4 months (She was ready) which eased the stress. Since she still refused bottle introduced a sippy cup slowly at 5 months, now at 8 months takes formula from cup during the day and I BF morning and night. Feel so proud of myself that I was able to BF exclusively until 6 months as you should that you made it to 3 months!

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