Sixtine’s Montessori Toddler Room


[Banner by My Little Day] I have been working on posting about Sixtine’s room for a while. There wasn’t much to show at first: Sixtine just moved to the guest room as Victoire, her baby sister has now taken over her infant room. Her new room is a nice size and I think she will be happy in it for years to come (providing we stay in this house). We decided to paint the walls (egg shell white) as the previous color wasn’t acceptable for a child her age (very excitable color). She is very happy in her new room – love the space. I will call it Montessori-inspired rather than truly Montessori. In my opinion, a Montessori room should be simple, natural yet pretty and accessible for the child. I feel that I managed to do that even though I still have lots in mind for this room. But I need time and money to achieve the ideal room I want for my daughter.


Low-bed or floor bed. This is I believe the “essence” of a Montessori room. The transition from a crib to a floor-bed was quick and she adjusted very well. She stays in bed during naps and bedtime and gets really excited to get into it. So much space and so much fun. She seems so little in her big girl’s bed but she is so happy! I like to sit on the rug and read books or cuddle. [Bedding+ Rug: Ikea. Pillow cover: Maison du Monde]


Low shelving. [Ikea] Night lamp [Local souvenir shop from PEI], little rug for night time cuddles and reading stories [from cousin Ava], little hen [from Juliette, Obaibi], basket containing three books – I change them every other week depending on interest, bead maze [from Sherry and Trent], pattern blocks [Oxybul France], Melissa & Doug farm puzzle, and wooden cars. I realize now that she has very few toys and I am hoping to be able to change time in the near future. We do lots at home but she doesn’t have many toys per se.


Learning/Art corner. The biscuits box [bought in Paris during our last trip] contains crayons and crayolas. The rabbit picture is a beautiful painting by Albrecht Durer “The Young Hare”. Pictures of butterfly and birds found on the internet (she loves birds!), and a file-organizer by Martha Stewart – for paper, coloring pages, construction paper.


Changing table/Drawer. Montessori experts would probably “disagree” with the idea of a changing table. nd Sixtine has been showing signs of potty learning readiness, we will soon change that and move the toilet area (diaper/wipes etc) to the bathroom. But so far, it has been very handy. My husband like to change her on the floor which is more appropriate with the approach – I just like to be standing to do her hair and change her diaper. First two drawers contain diapers, skin products, underwear and socks. Last two contain things that I don’t want her to have access to just now but that are for her (mostly art and crafts items).


PJ Hanger [by Maison du monde]. She loves that taste of independence.


Care of self corner. It is located in the family bathroom. I fill up the bowl with water in the morning/in the evening to wash her face and hands and at different times of day when the need arises. She also loves to brush and comb her hair. Even though Mama has to help with a “proper” brush to make her hair nice (she has very curly hair). I had to take away her toothbrush and toothpaste as she would run around in the house with it (and it eventually was put in the garbage!) So I had to get a new one and blablabla.

So what is your opinion? Any suggestions? Would love to get a tour of your nursery/toddler/child room! If you have ever posted about it, please link in comment.


  1. Love it! Great ideas. I love the care of shelf corner. I did a video post of our Montessori inspired room but need to update – I recently added works of famous art on the wall. Still a work in progress! I also recommend – she has great ideas!

  2. This is amazing Deb !!! I love it …
    And I can relate to the toothpaste and toothbrush, TJ s the same : I would also be afraid of letting him use the bowl of water cause it would probably end up on the floor… LOL

  3. Wonderful room! I really love the pictures of children you put on the walls. I would have never thought about putting her changing area in her room, that’s a very smart idea. The fact that the shelves are down is a good idea since she can choose what toys she wants to play with! Bravo!

  4. Excellent! I love what you have done with her room so far. You are a very thoughtful mama! We have done this too with our girls. DD#3 is currently on a bed on the floor and it works great for us.

    • Thank you! How old is your youngest? I am debating whether to have Victoire (our newest addition) sleep on a mattress on the floor (we already have a crib which belongs to her older sister) and sell the crib or keep it. We are co-sleeping right now so I have time to figure it out I guess!

  5. Morning! DD3 (the youngest) is now 11 months. We switched her to a bed on the floor when she was about 9 months (we also co-sleep). I did have a crib for her but she would only use it during the day and would always end up in our bed by the middle of the night so once she became more mobile, we took down the crib and replaced it with the mattress on the floor. I still co-sleep with her there, but also have an opportunity to climb back into my own bed 🙂

  6. What a beautiful space! I also really like your little bathroom set-up. I want to put something like this together so my daughter can wash her hands and face. I can totally relate to your toothbrush story – ha! Here’s a link to a post on my daughter’s room: E’s Montessori Nursery

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