Toddler Art: My Little Picasso


I took painting classes for a couple years and always found it extremely peaceful and relaxing. I stumbled upon this post and decided  it would be the perfect activity for Sixtine! I love the contrast of black and white – it gives so much more depth than regular colors. These two paintings were made at the same time (the objective was for her to experience white on black/black on white contrast) and displayed into Sixtine’s room right after. How proud she was! I think I will frame the white one and hang it somewhere in the house in a few days. It is just too beautiful (I am probably not very objective here).


  1. Been trying some art with my 15 month. I think this new idea! Can’t wait to try. We’ve only done crayons so far 🙂 He still would like to put them in his mouth but he’s getting the hang of it. I also like the idea of displaying pictures in the nursery! Thanks!

    • I am sure he will have fun painting! Sixtine still mouthes a lot of items so I supervise her more than I would a child who doesn’t! Use non-toxic paint and maybe natural if you can and have fun. As for art display, I think it is nice to keep some of their art as keepsakes for later and show them that we care about their masterpieces. I don’t keep all her drawings obviously but I take pictures of the good ones and keep the best ones in a binder!

  2. This is lovely !!!
    I keep all of TJ’s art in a folder and display some in his bedroom and the living room. And for the biggest piece he made at school, I keep them in the top shelf of the cupboard.

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