Teething And Biting While Breastfeeding


This will be a quick post. I haven’t been blogging much for many reasons but I will get back to it as soon as I can. I have been working on a very exciting project and with two little ones under two, it has proven difficult doing it all, let alone blogging but it should quiet down a little in the next few weeks.

Victoire, who is now 5 months has two teeths now and she knows how to use them! It is making breastfeeding challenging – add on a bad cold in the mix and you’ve got a pretty good picture.

I am really hurting from the biting and quite discouraged to be honest. I would like to make it 6 months at least, and then push it to 9 months and so on but I have been looking into getting a pump (if I can’t nurse then at least, she would be getting breast milk!) and a cup for her to drink from.

I have been spacing feeding times to make sure she is really hungry and avoid the dreading nipple chewing and I think it is resulting into a blocked duct. Yay me. I usually say no, and put her down when she bites but it doesn’t seem to be working.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced it? What brands would you recommend for a pump and/or a cup?


  1. journey2dfuture says:

    Welcome back, sorry to hear your having a hars feeding. Id advise to keep doing what your doing. I got through the same v over and over again.
    As for a cup id recommend one with a straw i tried v with a sippy and he just didnt know how to put his mouth around the spout. When i offered the soft rubber straw he got right away. At 6 months he was drinking from a straw sippy. Ive a lot of breastfed babies do have this issue.
    As for a pump i wouldnt invest in a pump in till you know for she will drink the milk from the cup. V has never accepted my milk in the cup. Once its pumped the taste changes apparently. We are slowly moving on to cows milk from the sippy. Of course she is way to young for this but just letting you know.
    If you do a need a pump although i have no personal experience ive only ever heard good things about the medela twin Elcetric.
    Hope others chip in with advice for you. All the best and come back soon

    • Thank you! It’s been slightly better. I noticed she bites when she is done eating and just nursing for comfort or when she is extremely tired. She now has two more piercing through…so I have to be very careful and watch her when she nurses to prevent biting. I had a nurse coming in as my breasts felt bruised (as a result from spacing feedings – I was scared to be bitten and would wait until she was really hungry to feed so she wouldn’t bite and nurse effectively). I am much better but we will see how things go now. Thank you for your comment – I have decided not to buy an electric pump after all. I will get a simple/manual one for occasional outings and will hang in there.

  2. Have you tried going to a La Leche meeting and/or talking with a leader? New issues pop up all the time and going to a monthly meeting has really made breastfeeding manageable and enjoyable for me.

  3. I would ensure that she is not too hungry before breast feeding. Being over hungry can sometimes cause a baby to bite because they are trying to rush due to hunger. To avoid blocked ducts which can lead to Mastitis, a serious medical problem, feed often and then pump. There are many good hospital grade pumps on the market, although the Avent pump worked excellent for us.

    On a side note: infants in Montessori homes or communities drink from a small, open glass at around 5-6 months. Once they are able to sit up with a bit of support. Our youngest could independently (holding it himself with both hands) drink from a small glass (shot glasses work great) by 7 months. I just pumped milk into the storage bags and then poured it into his glass.

    Best advice: talk to a lactation consultant ASAP! Le Leche League in Canada, a Doula, or Midwife will give you all the help and answers you need.

    • Thanks Beth. We introduced glass cups early with Sixtine too and she always did good. What’s the best way of knowing how much to give baby? Would it be the same quantity as a formula-fed baby?
      The nurse who came in was very helpful and I was able to feed her more and the pain is gone.
      She has two more upper teeth coming in so we will see how thing go! Thank you again.

  4. My kids get their teeth late…like nearly one year old. So, I don’t have much nursing experience with teething babies. BUT, I do have experience with pumping! My daughter was born at 30 weeks and never learned to nurse (long story, but in the end I’ve come to terms with this NOT being my failure as a mother!). I pumped for 10 months for her. It was amazing! I was happy to give her the breastmilk and not have to fight with her every feeding (she would stop breathing and panic each time we tried to nurse). Any electric Medela pump will do the job well and comfortably! If you are serious about pumping and will be pumping many times a day, get a pumping bra! It makes life happier and gives you free hands. Lifesaver! Having nursed my boys until one year, I am ALL about breastfeeding where possible for both mama and baby. Try to nurse when and where you can. Pump for those feedings you’re feeling too sore? Maybe she will grow out of the need to chew and bite while nursing? Ultimately my advice would be to do what you need to do for your health and that of your baby. Have you contacted a lactation specialist? They will have info for every “problem” under the sun!

    • Hi Sarah, I wonder how one year-olds deal with teething…my poor little Victoire has swollen gums, her upper teeth are piercing through. Ouch! You are such a trooper and amazing mother for pumping for your daughter for 10 months! I am really impressed. Things are getting a little better – I did have someone come in. Vic still bites but maybe not as much? Or maybe I’ve gotten used to it? Anyways, I am 10 days away from the 6 months mark of exclusive breastfeeding and I am so proud I want to wear a badge or something so everyone knows. It may sound a little shallow but it has been so challenging, I think it would be well-deserved! I will then have to work on a new goal (9 or 12 months maybe?) Thank you for popping by!

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