Long Time No See or Victoire Callie.


She is here, and I am back. Before starting to blog again (I don’t know how realistic this is but I will give it a try), I would like to apologize for being a stranger and announce the birth of my new baby daughter, Victoire Callie. She was born March 25th, late morning. She is one month old, and three days today.

To keep it short, my daughter threatened to make an appearance at 24 weeks which made for a very stressful pregnancy. Fortunately, she was born healthy at 40 weeks + 2. Blogging in times like these wasn’t something I had the energy for. But I have missed it.

One month has passed since she was born. I feel that I can finally get back to it or at least try. It made me happy.

Giveaway! Enter to win a cute pure cotton Petit Bateau onesie for baby!

If you have been reading Sixtine and The Little Things for a bit, you know that I love children fashion, especially French fashion!  To celebrate the start of the summer, I am running our first giveaway competition with my favorite French brand Petit Bateau!

For over a century, France’s beloved brand Petit Bateau has favored comfort and quality for its cotton knit clothing and underclothing.

You will win a white baby chemise bodysuit from Petit Bateau, pure cotton, great for the summer (up to 12 month or a toddler/kid sized white chemise)!

To enter, please:

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And leave a separate comment under this post to let me know you did so for each entry. The more entries, the better chance you get!

Make sure to mention size required in your comment! Feel free to participate for your friends, pregnant friends or nieces and nephews!

The giveaway starts today (Monday, June 4th) and will end on Sunday, June 24th! I will announce the name of the winner on , Monday, June 25th .

Giveaway closed. The lucky winner is: Jana! Congratulations.

Good luck everyone and thank you in advance for participating!


How Do You Find Time To…

My life is nothing like it used to be since the arrival of our baby. And it is a good thing. I have been tagged by Rachael, over Little Red Farm to do a “meme” (what does that word ever mean anyway?!). I never answer memes because it isn’t really my thing but I will do for her. She has a lovely blog you should check out by the way!

So….how do I find the time to….

Do the laundry – Good question. It is easy to run the wash, the hardest part is the folding and putting away process! When Sixtine was under 6 months old, the laundry was crazy! She was suffering from reflux and both her clothes and mine had to be changed two or three times a day (I have to confess that I was more likely to change her clothes and keep my spat up on shirts or pants on! Who cares?!)

 Write a blog post – I write mostly when baby sleeps and hit “save draft” or late in the evening. My family comes first but writing this blog is something I like to take the time for, it is my own little thing, I enjoy doing it and no one ever said you should stop enjoying yourself because you were now a parent. I started blogging in February and my goal was to post once a day but I haven’t been doing that for a while…Paris is too busy for me! 😉

Spend time with your other half? – My husband and I are very close and we spend as much as possible together. During the week: when he gets home we chat about our days, and he takes over with baby while I do things I wasn’t able to do during the day. I cook and we eat supper. Once that’s done, we get baby ready for bed, he reads her a story and we put her to bed. And then, the world is our oyster! On weekends: we mainly spend family time together and enjoy it fully. We have a lovely babysitter who comes over and looks after Sissi for us so we can go to dinner, the movies or anything we want to do without her. My sister-in-laws are also great babysitters (with children so even more fun for Sixtine!)

Be the parent you want to be – I try really hard. I read a lot, mainly to get informed. And I always try to understand my child’s perspective rather than “adultify” everything. It helps me a lot. ie. The teething situation. It is sometimes hard to keep calm with a baby crying what feels like 24/7…when that happens, I try to remember how much she is going through rather than thinking that she is whiny. Instead, I try to let her know how much I love her by supporting her and giving her as much attention as she needs.

Find time for yourself – Oh that! I find it hard as a stay-at-home mother. I don’t like to get ready in a rush so I always make sure to pamper myself when I know my husband can look after the baby while I do it. I used to wear make up all the time, and would never go out without my hair done…what ever happened to me!? 😉 If I have to make a confession, my husband and I have been geographically apart for two months and I am going to need a whole day to get presentable for his arrival.

I am staying in France at my mum’s and she looks after the baby sometimes so I can go out with my friends, or go to the movies. I wonder if I will ever feel OK to leave baby with someone else just because I need to get out of the house by myself.

My questions:

– Find time to read: I absolutely love reading and I haven’t read a book (that wasn’t baby or parent-related) since I had Sixtine. I really miss it…the thing is, I only read in bed or in the train. Now all I want to do in bed is sleep or spend time with my husband. And there are no trains on the island. I have just started reading French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon and although I am only a hundred-pages through, I highly recommend it!

Find time to dance: I dance in the shower, for my daughter, and my husband. But I don’t dance enough…I miss dancing. I think I will sign up for a dance class in September. I owe it to myself.

– Achieve your goals and dreams: I want to be the best woman I can be for my daughter. All she needs is happy parents that love her. I give myself the time to think of what to do to improve myself as a person.

Now for the tagging! I chose Bellissimom, An Everyday Story, Debut Dad and Mum of Three Boys.

So for the people that I have just tagged here are the (new) rules:

  1. Please post the rules
  2. When answering the questions, give as much information as possible.
  3. Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker…and stroller,baby. This is so we can keep track of the Meme and take a polite nose into everyone else’s lives.
  4. Tag 3 or more people and link to them on your blog. Add new questions, delete old questions and play about with the rules.

Operating System Not Found l Follow-up

How would you feel if you thought your baby’s pictures were lost forever? Heartbroken?  It happened to me about a month ago. I cried a lot and felt so sad.

My husband surprised me this afternoon with an emailed picture captioned: “How much do you think this picture is worth?” I cried with joy.

I am glad to announce that it  took over five IT skilled people and a lot of money to recover them. These pictures are so precious to us…I am so happy and lucky to have such a wonderful husband !

Phew !

Writing My First Guest Post

I was very flattered when Ana over BlueBirdKisses asked me whether I would be interested into guest posting on her blog and immediately said yes. Then I start thinking: What do I write about? Is she going to like my post? How about her readers?

I decided to write a short fashion-related post to start with – I didn’t want to let her down and thought it would be safer to start my first guest post with little content. I definitely got writer’s block and was very nervous sending it when I was done. I even told her it was ok if she didn’t want to publish it anymore…talk about lack of confidence !

Anyways, she did publish it and said she liked it so here is the finish product:

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to write on your blog Ana ! It was a great experience !

How Did They Find Me ?

I started Sixtine And The Little Things at the beginning of February, on a sunday afternoon, with a strong urge to express myself. I have loved blogging since day one and it has been a great way for me to share my feelings about parenting, expat life and being a new mother.

It has also been a place to “meet” and interact with people I would have never met otherwise. It has been really exciting and fulfilling. Somedays posts come naturally and some others, I will post a picture because that is all I feel like doing. Some comments make me laugh, some others make me feel very emotional, and some others comfort me. I also love reading other blogs about parenting, the experienced mums and the less experienced ones, the dads, but also the expatriates, the language lovers, travelers and photograph enthusiasts.

I remember being all excited getting my first few comments and followers. I got emails from my friends saying how much they enjoyed reading my blog and it warmed my heart. I never thought what I had to say would be interesting to anyone.

And then one time I wondered: “How Did They Find me?” And this is how:

  • Misspelt title: “Sixtine and her little things”, “Sixtine and the little”, “Sistine and the little things”
  • Bilingualism: “what are the advantages and disadvantages of raising a child in Italy” (Italy, really?), “pros and cons of raising bilingual children”, bilinguals, disadvantages”, “the benefits of bilingualism in children”.
  • French parenting was a hit: “How to raise children like the French”, “The French way of raising children”,”French approach to raising children”, “French parenting and teething”
  • Vagina toning: “reeducating my vagina”, “French perineum exercises”,”perineal re education”, “The French government wants to tone my vagina”, “French government vagina”
  • Sponsoring for permanent residence in Canada: “Is it easy to sponsor a spouse in Canada”, “is money needed for sponsorship in Canada 2012”
  • Canada: “things to thank Canada for”, “Labour and delivery prince edward island”, “do foreigners like Canadian accent”, “clichés of Canadians”…
  • Pregnancy and motherhood: “is it normal to puke more than 7 times a day when pregnant”, “my French wife is pregnant”,”absent-minded while pregnant”, “perfect mums”…
  • Random: “creepy stuff heard on baby monitors”, “messy diaper”, “sam roberts baby” (in another life maybe lol), “Eiffel tower and baguette”, “why are you interested in Montessori education”
  • Red Bull addiction: (it felt good seeing I wasn’t the only one with Red Bull drinking problems), “how to stop drinking Red Bull”, “extreme tiredness when not drinking Red Bull, “can you get addicted to red Bull”,…
  • Fashion: “Sixtine look” (wow !), “Baby with style” (thank you!), “Okaidi”, “Joe Fresh”, “Tartine et chocolat”
  • Body parts: “Baby big eyes”, “les doigts de pieds recroquevillé adulte” (ewww),”vagina”…
  • Little Red Farm Cultural Exchange, Cloth diaper and Spa Baby Tub appeared quite a bit as well.
  • And some people I wish I could trace back: “homesick in London”, “bad mood new mum”…

I love looking at this world map and see where people are connecting from. I was surprised to see that French people read me a lot more than Canadians although I write in English. They probably are just friends and family !


A big thank you to all of you readers for making my blogging journey an amazing one ! If you haven’t done so already, know that you can also join me on Facebook !