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Exclusively Breastfeeding: We Made It To Three Months


Thanks to a wonderful midwife, support groups, good friends and determination, I have reached the 3 months goal I had set for myself; a  realistic goal – something that seemed doable rather than discouraging. I cannot believe that I overcame excruciating pain, tears and exhaustion, all for the sake of my little one’s health. I am proud of myself, proud of her for sticking around (haha) despite some issues we have undergone and I am officially setting a new goal: the 6 months mark. It is not all roses but it brings me joy and satisfaction that I can provide for her this way. I love this special bond we have.

Do you think I can survive without a breast pump? Debating whether I should get one or not…would love to go out with my husband! 

Long Time No See or Victoire Callie.


She is here, and I am back. Before starting to blog again (I don’t know how realistic this is but I will give it a try), I would like to apologize for being a stranger and announce the birth of my new baby daughter, Victoire Callie. She was born March 25th, late morning. She is one month old, and three days today.

To keep it short, my daughter threatened to make an appearance at 24 weeks which made for a very stressful pregnancy. Fortunately, she was born healthy at 40 weeks + 2. Blogging in times like these wasn’t something I had the energy for. But I have missed it.

One month has passed since she was born. I feel that I can finally get back to it or at least try. It made me happy.

Parenting Alone

When Sixtine was about 5 months we decided as a family that I and the baby would go to France for a few months so I could recharge my batteries and it was really needed. I did recharge them and felt better as soon as I landed but I missed my husband terribly after three months. He came for a two-week visit and wedid lots of sightseeing which was a lot of fun. He also had the opportunity to meet all my family, friends and see where I was from etc… I told him I never wanted to be apart again after being away for so long.

But again, Sixtine and I flew to France on the 27th of October and won’t be seeing him until the birth of the baby (unless he gets some time off for Christmas). Our future is pretty uncertain as he is starting a new job and doesn’t know what is in store for him yet.

I am exhausted ( I have said and written that a lot lately. Forgive me.) and raising Sissi by myself is pretty challenging. My husband is a very hands-on father, always willing to help. It feels like I have no break without him around. It is 24/7. I am definitely not your stay-at-home mother type of person and I am starting to wish I was going to work. I know it sounds horrible but I don’t think it is. I love my daughter to death. I just want to be my own person, not “just” a mum.

I miss him terribly and Skype hasn’t been doing a great job. It is always cutting up, and there is like a 8 hour time difference which means at midnight there it is 8 in the morning here.

To sum it up: Parenting alone su*ks! – especially when you have the most awesome husband in the world!

A Sweet Little Reminder Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an illness. However, I see myself as “not feeling well”, or “sick” rather than pregnant. I have been suffering from bad morning sickness, reflux, exhaustion and sciatica. Because I have a high anterior placenta, I barely feel my baby girl move. Feeling the baby move was the most enjoyable part of pregnancy for me, I loved touching my belly, and interacting with Sixtine when she was still in the belly. This time around, I can feel the baby pretty much everyday but very very low, and the kicks are very light. I wish she could feel my touch and respond.

Worried about the baby’s health in the first stage of pregnancy and  being so busy with Sixtine -a very energetic toddler-  it hasn’t really sunk in. Yet I am 22 weeks +1 pregnant, and I don’t really take the time to think about this baby-to-be. I haven’t bought one single item for her yet (not that it is wrong but I would like to), no nesting, nothing. I am more wondering about how I will cope with two than how exciting it is going to be to meet her. But it will come in time, no doubt about it.

My cousin came over this weekend and we had a really good time. She didn’t come empty-handed and had the most adorable things for us (including Sixtine’s belated birthday gift).

I was very intrigued to see what was in the little box saying “something is hiding in there” in a nice little bag. It said Pamela Loops on it. Pamela who? Well, Pamela Loops. (You can check her Etsy shop here. Facebook page there)

credit: Pamela Loops

And when I opened it, I found two little people wearing swim suits (the same as this one minus the extra boy) under a big announcement banner saying: “congratulations to you both!”.

credit: Pamela Loops

I don’t know if whether it was the cuteness of the pastel colors, or the surprise in a box effect but I felt very emotional. I thought: “Yes, we are expecting a child! It is great news and something to be celebrated!” It really warmed my heart so thank you Melanie for this thoughtful gift and reminding me that I was pregnant and it was a beautiful thing.

Starting Daycare For Socialization…and a bit of a break for Mama!

So it is official – although I am only meeting with the daycare’s manager next tuesday, Sixtine will be starting daycare on the fourth of December. It will only be for an hour at first, so we both get to know the educators, the children and the place and they get to know  more about little Miss Sissi, her sleeping habits, what she likes, doesn’t like, her personality…

I have to say that this is something that makes me overjoyed for two reasons:

  1. I know my daughter and I can tell she has been craving the interaction. She is a very outgoing little girl, and she loves people – strangers, friends, family, you name it. And she especially love being around other children. I think it will be a great way for her to socialize, be challenged and stimulated, have lots of fun, and progressively get more independent, as baby two comes in the picture in March.
  2. After 13 months of being with Mama 24/7, we are both going to have a break from each other. And that makes me happy.

When the lady told me that she would be starting early December, I was both excited and somehow emotional…As much as I have been wanting this time to arrive, it is going to be an adjustment to take her there and let her alone with people for hours not knowing what is going on. It almost feels like taking her to school for the first time – my baby is growing so fast!

But I know she will have a wonderful time. I can feel it.

Plus, I am exhausted and I NEED time for myself.

Letter To Baby #2

I am sorry.

I am sorry that I don’t play music for you as much as I would like. And I am sorry if sometimes I feel sad and cry. You are our second baby girl and we love you just as much as the first one. It is just different. Your big sister takes a lot of my time and energy and Daddy went away to work. I promise to be the loving mother that you deserve when you come to this world. I want you to know that I love you so much. I just can’t be there for you all the time and talk to you, feel you, and interact with you as I did for your big sister. It breaks my heart little sister.

Natural Baby Gifts And Toys by Mjolkig – Giveaway

Sixtine enjoying her lilac teething ring by mjolkig.

Enter Giveaway & Win The Crocheted Wooden Teething Ring Of Your Choice With Mjolkig!

‘Tis the season to be pregnant! I am pregnant and quite a few of my friends are or have recently given birth. I have been on the look for useful yet pretty and natural birth gifts for my friends (and myself). Being a fairly new mum, my priorities have changed and from big name brand companies (pre-pregnancy), I have shifted my interest to natural, organic and handmade products.

Mjolkig’s crocheted wooden teething ring are amazing: there are not only absolutely beautiful, but they are handmade by a British mum of two anglo-swedish young children, and they are very practical. Easy to wash, easy to hold for baby, and highly resistant. My daughter has been enjoying hers for months. If you are interested in the Montessori and the Waldorf approach, you will enjoy this teething ring better than a plastic one.

Rachael is happy to offer one lucky mother, expectant mother, or anyone else for that matter (ie. you have a baby shower coming up or a birth gift to make…) the crocheted wooden teething ring of your choice. Colors are displayed on the Etsy Shop. She will ship anywhere in the world! 


Domestic Diva! Congratulations and thank you to all participants.

About Mjolkig and Rachael:

My items are inspired by Scandinavian folk design and handmade in Paris. I make natural and simple baby toys and gifts inspired by Waldorf and Montessori principles. My favourite items to make are the Montessori infant mobiles such as the Gobbi or Munari which are designed to stimulate the senses of the very youngest babies. You can see how my second son enjoyed his by taking a look at my blog or YouTube channel.

But my most loved items are the traditional Scandinavian crochet covered teething rings. I have been making them for many years now and they make perfect gifts for babies. I can custom make any colour that you like. I make all of my items in either Paris or the Swedish countryside where I live with my lovely family. I love to use natural, organic and non toxic materials and all items are packaged beautifully so that they can be given as gifts.

If you want to get to know me a little better feel free to visit me at where I blog about making my own children’s toys, natural living and applying Montessori and Waldorf philosophies to our everyday lives. I also run a free worldwide cultural exchange to put you and your little ones in touch with families around the world.

Please do come back to see what’s new in my shop because I have a lot more items to add!

Warmest wishes

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Random Short Story: The Other Day I cried.

The other day I cried. I cried in the morning, and I cried a little more. I cried at lunch time, and I cried in the afternoon. They were cries of worry. I cried again later that day. I cried because I felt relieved, and I felt happy. I haven’t had any morning sickness (as in I haven’t gotten sick) since last Sunday. I started saying: “Baby, I didn’t get sick today.” After a couple days, I started counting. Every night, I’d tell my husband: “Guess how many days?” with a big grin on my face. And then I started wondering: “How is that even possible?”, “How can I be pregnant and not sick?” (I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum/severe morning sickness during my first pregnancy). I wanted to think that it was OK to feel OK but couldn’t shake those “what ifs” out of my head.

And then, I started cramping. I have been pretty crampy during this whole pregnancy (which wasn’t the case with Sixtine until much later) so I thought I should take it easy and it would just go away. But the cramps didn’t ease up…and I started to wonder: “What if something is wrong with the baby?”. The last time I had painful cramps like these, I ended up bleeding. I decided to call the nurse, answered a few questions and decided to go to the ER for peace of mind. We prepared for the worst and held our breath until the Doctor started performing the ultrasound. I didn’t even want to look at the screen. But there it was, she said: “Look, the baby’s heart is beating well, there is good fetal movement. Isn’t that amazing?”. And I started crying. She said: “Why are you crying?”. My husband replied: “Relief.”

What a feeling. An amazing feeling. Now, they didn’t find anything (blood work, urine) that would have cause those cramps and just said that I should take it easy and it was probably early Braxton-Hicks. I left with a huge feeling of relief but I will feel even better on the 26th when we get our formal ultrasound. Starting off the pregnancy thinking I was miscarrying tends to make me worry about everything. But I would like to start planning, nesting, and dreaming about this little baby and stop worrying about every little thing. I want to let myself think that it is going to be all right and that I can let myself start loving this little one fully.

This Time Around

This time around, I will take things as they come. I won’t read all the books, and the blogs, and the forums, and I won’t put too much pressure on myself, wanting to be perfect. This time around, I will ask for help earlier if I have troubles breastfeeding but I will also let it go without regret if it doesn’t work out. I won’t think of myself as a bad mother. This time around, I will love you, and give you my all, and that will be enough.