What Ever Happened To My Great Sleeper?!

How do you tell such cute face “not your bed! mine!”?

Sixtine used to be a great sleeper. As soon as she turned 2 months, I decided that it was time for her to sleep in her own room. It only took about three days, and perseverance and consistency! Then we went to France for four months and shared the same bedroom. I would go to sleep long after she would but I am pretty sure she was laughing inside knowing exactly what was going on! I am sleeping with Mama! Yay!  Now that we are back, Sixtine is almost 9 months, she is teething (her two front upper teeth are piercing through), she is learning a million new tricks everyday and she is facing separation anxiety. Plus, this is a new environment for her, Paris was loud, busy, and the house was filled of laughter, a barking chiwawa dog, aunties and Nana. Here, it is just me and her. And it is as quiet as quiet can be. You may have guessed by now:

She won’t sleep alone! Every time I put her in bed, she screams for me to come back. And she is not pretending, she is really upset, you should see her. It is heart-breaking. I have been rocking her to sleep, cuddling her to sleep, and even lying down in bed with her for two weeks now. She usually sleeps in our bed after she first wakes up in the middle of the night. She sleeps so peacefully when she is with us.

I can’t blame her – she is being such a trooper. She is probably missing what she thought was her home, her aunties, grandmother and all the little things that make you feel come home. She is showing interest in my own little thing that I used to sleep with ( I am using the past here, but really, it is a lie. I still sleep with it.), I think it has my smells and that it comforts her somehow.

I am hoping that it is just a phase and that it will pass. I want her to feel happy in her own bed again.