Do It Yourself: Montessori Grasping Beads




This beautiful infant toy was made with love by myself. It was really easy to make and didn’t require tools or too many materials. I used 5 medium-sized wooden beads and leather cord. Thread, tie, thread, tie. Pretty straight-forward.

This toy is usually introduced at around 3 months when baby starts reaching for objects and has more control of her hands/self-awareness. It can also be used as a teether a later time.

I just love wooden toys, aren’t they beautiful?

Natural Baby Gifts And Toys by Mjolkig – Giveaway

Sixtine enjoying her lilac teething ring by mjolkig.

Enter Giveaway & Win The Crocheted Wooden Teething Ring Of Your Choice With Mjolkig!

‘Tis the season to be pregnant! I am pregnant and quite a few of my friends are or have recently given birth. I have been on the look for useful yet pretty and natural birth gifts for my friends (and myself). Being a fairly new mum, my priorities have changed and from big name brand companies (pre-pregnancy), I have shifted my interest to natural, organic and handmade products.

Mjolkig’s crocheted wooden teething ring are amazing: there are not only absolutely beautiful, but they are handmade by a British mum of two anglo-swedish young children, and they are very practical. Easy to wash, easy to hold for baby, and highly resistant. My daughter has been enjoying hers for months. If you are interested in the Montessori and the Waldorf approach, you will enjoy this teething ring better than a plastic one.

Rachael is happy to offer one lucky mother, expectant mother, or anyone else for that matter (ie. you have a baby shower coming up or a birth gift to make…) the crocheted wooden teething ring of your choice. Colors are displayed on the Etsy Shop. She will ship anywhere in the world! 


Domestic Diva! Congratulations and thank you to all participants.

About Mjolkig and Rachael:

My items are inspired by Scandinavian folk design and handmade in Paris. I make natural and simple baby toys and gifts inspired by Waldorf and Montessori principles. My favourite items to make are the Montessori infant mobiles such as the Gobbi or Munari which are designed to stimulate the senses of the very youngest babies. You can see how my second son enjoyed his by taking a look at my blog or YouTube channel.

But my most loved items are the traditional Scandinavian crochet covered teething rings. I have been making them for many years now and they make perfect gifts for babies. I can custom make any colour that you like. I make all of my items in either Paris or the Swedish countryside where I live with my lovely family. I love to use natural, organic and non toxic materials and all items are packaged beautifully so that they can be given as gifts.

If you want to get to know me a little better feel free to visit me at where I blog about making my own children’s toys, natural living and applying Montessori and Waldorf philosophies to our everyday lives. I also run a free worldwide cultural exchange to put you and your little ones in touch with families around the world.

Please do come back to see what’s new in my shop because I have a lot more items to add!

Warmest wishes

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Stimulating Baby : Handmade Baby’s Book of Emotions

I was browsing around for cute things to do with baby and stumbled upon a blog which name I can’t remember at the present time.

Another Mama blogger was saying she had made a Book Of Emotions for her baby with the help of her older kid. She took pictures of her son

looking happy, sad, surprised (…) and put a book together. I thought it was a great idea. I know how much my daughter loves looking at human

faces, and the more familiar the better ! I went to Michaels store to buy some of the things I needed and looked for pictures ! I decided to do it in

French, picked a few words I wanted to illustrate (happy, sad, content, angry, surprised, in love…) and used pictures of her, Papa and myself. I

laminated each picture with the matching word above or underneath it and started punching holes (definitely not the nicest part !).

I attached the whole thing with grey knitting thread and voilà !

Here are a few pictures of my “masterpiece” :


Let me know what you think !