Potty Learning Without A Plan


Sixtine is 21 months. In the morning, little miss tornado gets up naked and points at her diaper saying either “dirty” or “caca” which means poop in French. She can’t stand a dirty diaper, and says “caca’ pretty much every time she goes. I think it is safe to say she is starting to be aware of her body functions. In an ideal world, she would just ask for big girl underwear and go to the bathroom on her own, when she needs it, right away but don’t we say that slow and steady wins the race?

I bought a few training pants for her (as shown on picture) thinking it would make her feel special. And she likes them a lot. But she’d rather go naked or go home. So she takes them off too. My girl loves to be naked and free. And that is a sweet, innocent, and beautiful thing. We started Monday (she went to daycare on Tuesday so she only went diaper-free for a couple hours in the evening before bed time) and so far two mishaps – a small one and a big one. The problem is: she doesn’t use the potty, and she doesn’t use the toilets either.

So my question is: when does my child pee or poop? I think she is like her Mama. I was always very private going to the bathroom and even to this day, if someone is wandering around the bathroom door, I can’t go. TMI. Anyways. I think Sixtine waits for her next diaper (nap time or bed time.) She used to poop twice a day and since we have started the whole toilet challenge, she has been going only once a day.

Also: I don’t have a plan. I am following her lead so I am unsure what to do to help her the best way possible to figure out how her body works – but really does she need me? I know now from observation that she knows the sign of wanting to poop but I am not sure about pee. I don’t want to keep asking her and ruin everything (I think making a big fuss about going on the potty will make things difficult) as I have noticed that she won’t go when I suggest it but as soon as I live the room, she does sit on the potty (or actually go to the bathroom) without prompt.

So I guess my no-plan potty learning challenge is turning into a: let her plan herself. The couch, and chairs are covered with towels. She knows where the potty is and she is very welcome to use it.

Would love to know if someone had a similar experience (no plan/ toilet learning) and how it went for you!

Wanted: Potty Learning Tips


Sixtine has been showing potty learning readiness for a bit now.

 Throw your tips at me!

Thank you 🙂