The (Magic) Soother

…or the day I thought to myself: “I am scre*** !”.

– Hi. My name is Deb and my daughter uses a pacifier.


When my daughter was born, she would stay on the breast for long hours, sucking on without discontinuing for the sake of sucking. It was really hard on me so we decided to use a pacifier to give me a break. She never really enjoyed her soother, except for bedtimes. So we only give her the pacifier when she goes to sleep (naps and bedtimes). I always wanted to use the hospital-type ones. However, when we started using one, I had free sample ones from NUK. So we went with that. A few months later, I decided to replace them for hygienic reasons. With the hospital-type ones. It took me a while to find them and I was pretty excited. FAIL. She hated them. So we kept using the two she liked until a couple days ago. I decided to get two more of the exact same kind she liked (NUK orthodontic pacifier) for back up. FAIL. She hates them.

Now, we are only relying on our two 4 month-old NUK pacifiers and I am starting to fear for my life sanity. I am going to try to wean her from the pacifier during daytime to start with. And pray that this magic soother of hers stays nice and put.

Any suggestions will be most welcomed.