Sparkabilities or how to exercise babies’ little minds !

My daughter has shown some interest in watching TV so I decided that if she was to watch something, it should be educational (without being boring). So I did some research and although I can’t recall how I heard about Sparkabilities, I think everyone should have their DVDS. I purchased Babies 1 and 2 and she has been watching Babies 1 for a couple months now. We will switch to Babies 2 in about two months.The DVD is about 25 minutes long and I usually have her watch it when I have something to do for about 5 to 10 minutes.

And let me tell you: she absolutely loves it ! Music, animals, maths, alphabet, shapes and colors – everything is covered ! She smiles when she sees people or babies, she looks surprised when the little dog grows to be a big dog, and follows the little smiley face in every corner of the screen.

“Sparkabilities is designed to develop essential learning skills while entertaining your baby.”

I am in no way interested in replacing interaction with my daughter with a DVD – but I think a reasonable amount every other day is very good for her and I turn it off if she seems distracted, tired or unhappy.

In my opinion, the only “con” of this product would be its price. I was able to get my two DVDs half-price (holiday discount) though. I will be waiting for their next offer before getting the next level which is Toddler 1 & 2 I believe.

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Do you buy DVDs for your infant? Does s/he enjoy them? What are your favorites? Would you be interested in Sparkabilities?