Toddler Practical Life: Window Cleaning


My daughter loves to engage in water play and I was looking for a new activity for her to do that would differ from transferring and require more gross motor skills. I decided to set up a window cleaning activity which was very easy to organize.

I put a towel to define her work space and prevent slippery floor at the bottom of the window, a bowl filled with warm water and natural dish soap, and two dish cloths on her right hand side.


As always, Sixtine impressed me with her concentration, but even more so by how clean the window was once she was done! I don’t think I clean them that well.


She really enjoyed this activity, and stayed concentrated for quite a long time…until she put her foot into the bowl which marked the end of the activity.

Sparkabilities or how to exercise babies’ little minds !

My daughter has shown some interest in watching TV so I decided that if she was to watch something, it should be educational (without being boring). So I did some research and although I can’t recall how I heard about Sparkabilities, I think everyone should have their DVDS. I purchased Babies 1 and 2 and she has been watching Babies 1 for a couple months now. We will switch to Babies 2 in about two months.The DVD is about 25 minutes long and I usually have her watch it when I have something to do for about 5 to 10 minutes.

And let me tell you: she absolutely loves it ! Music, animals, maths, alphabet, shapes and colors – everything is covered ! She smiles when she sees people or babies, she looks surprised when the little dog grows to be a big dog, and follows the little smiley face in every corner of the screen.

“Sparkabilities is designed to develop essential learning skills while entertaining your baby.”

I am in no way interested in replacing interaction with my daughter with a DVD – but I think a reasonable amount every other day is very good for her and I turn it off if she seems distracted, tired or unhappy.

In my opinion, the only “con” of this product would be its price. I was able to get my two DVDs half-price (holiday discount) though. I will be waiting for their next offer before getting the next level which is Toddler 1 & 2 I believe.

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Do you buy DVDs for your infant? Does s/he enjoy them? What are your favorites? Would you be interested in Sparkabilities?