Introducing Retro Love Photography: Fine Art Prints {giveaway}


I met Nastasia 9 years ago. We were both working as nannies in London, we were young, wild and free. We both had a passion for photography, languages and traveling. Today, we are both happily married to foreigners: she moved to the US, I moved to Canada. She managed to turn her love for photography into a full-time home based business and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I love her and I think everyone should hear about her and what she does.


nastasia buttonShe says: “Hi! I’m Nastasia, a 26 year old photographer based in sunny Orange, California. Photography has always been a big passion of mine, and after growing a nice collection of photographs from all my travels, I decided to start an Etsy shop in the summer of 2011. What started as a side hobby of selling some fine art prints has since grown into a full time business that I run from my home studio. My art can now be found on multiple mediums such as Iphone cases, pillow covers, photo wood blocks and jewelry. All of these products are  handmade by me with lots of love!” 




All my readers will be offered 10% off on pillow covers and wood blocks using SIXTINE10 and 20% off on everything else using SIXTINE20.


And because I love you that much, we are also running a giveaway contest. One lucky winner will receive an art wood block with picture of choice. Similar as these one, available in black or white, all art wood blocks come ready to hang. Beautiful nursery and home decor, it would also make a wonderful gift for a new baby! “Your first breath took ours away”, “She will move mountains”, “Young wild and free”…and so on!


To enter the giveaway, please do as follow:

You have until Tuesday, May 28th to participate! Giveaway open internationally. Good luck to you all! And a special thank you to Nastasia, founder of Retro Love Photography for her fabulousness!

CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN JAMES (KNACKERED HOUSEWIFE). You win “She will move mountains” in white! Thank you to all participants and stay tuned for the next giveaway! 

Playing With Dough For The First Time!

Sixtine has been exploring the house (which is totally new to her perspective since she was only about 4 months when we left to Paris) for a good two weeks. Climbing, mouthing, touching, messing around and loved every minute of it. She was at first, very attracted to that little stand play table offered to her at Christmas by family members but seems to have lost interest in it. She has lost interest in pretty much all of her toys to be quite honest. What she wants is to play with grown up items, and be with Mama or Papa all the time, see what they are up to. I have come to realize that Sixtine needed a few more toys. I usually put some away for a bit and bring them back out so she does get that sense of  ‘novelty’ now and then.

I felt bad this afternoon thinking: my baby is bored. I have to find something to entertain her. First, I checked out my favorites on Etsy for Montessori toys, and then my Montessori board on Pinterest, to finally end up on how we montessori‘s website. Kylie has two boys and I have been following her adventures for a while now. I like her simple, honest writing and she is very resourceful.

I was on the look for some ideas of what she did with her son when he was between 9 and 10 months and decided to try playdough with Sixtine for the first time.

Her recipe is very easy and simple to make. It calls for 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 of water, 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 tbsp of tartar cream, and 1/2 tbsp of cooking oil. I didn’t have tartar so I didn’t use any and it still worked beautifully.

She was extremely excited to see that ball-of-something in my hands and went right at it as soon as I put it on her tray. And put it straight to her mouth. No surprise here! She squished and squished and squished! Shivered here and there (I suppose she didn’t enjoy the salty taste of it but it didn’t stop her from doing it again!)

Results: I think she had a lot of fun. It wasn’t a long-lasting activity as I had to prevent her from eating it pretty much the whole time. I think I will try again in a few weeks time!

What are some go-to activities you do or did with your under one babies? 

A Christening in Paris

We decided to baptize our daughter a while ago and thought it would be nice for our French family to do it in Paris, since they missed the wedding and the birth of the baby! The great thing was that I was able to celebrate in style with great French boutiques and shops! I was absolutely delighted by My little day and Chez Bogato! You can use all these for other type of celebrationszaQ

Absolutely amazing hopscotch Christening cake by Chez Bogato,  7 rue Liancourt, Paris 14eme.

You can ask them absolutely anything. Anais Olmer will get in touch with you and you can discuss your wants and needs. She is very nice to work with. They then surprise you with something beautiful! I want to add that the cake not only looked amazing, but it tasted really good. 

Vintage-inspired party favors for the kids by My little day, online boutique.

My little day is a beautiful site with great products to make wonderful parties for children. If you like pretty little things and are young at heart, you might go crazy and decide to buy everything. My little day will make any party planning, a piece of cake! Dorothee and Gabriella are really friendly and very helpful so go check out their shop and let me know what you think!

Moelleux au chocolat nuage and cupcakes stars by Chez Bogato as well. 

Delicious, pretty and cute. What else to say? Chez Bogato is a very small shop/bakery located near Montparnasse in Paris. They also sell sugar cookies, and almost anything edible can be customized. You will also find vintage items such as candies, and kitchen accessories. I am in love!

Recyclable party favor – flower seed kits by recycledideas, Etsy shop.

I really wanted to do something different than sugared almond. To me, they are dreadful. So I looked for something innovative and discovered those flower seed kits while searching on Etsy. I was immediately convinced that they would make great party favors for adults. They were really easy to put together, earth friendly, and I was able to pick the shape of the seeds (sheeps), the colors (ivory, white, and beige), and what I wanted on the little leaflet (name, date, etc…). I am really happy with my choice and I think my guests were pleasantly surprised as well! 

Balloons, glass milk, striped straw, place mat and napkins by My little day.

Did I say it was the best party boutique ever? In the world? 

Invitations by Simply Stunning Stationery, Etsy Shop.

These invitations came all the way from Australia to France. I would have rather order from France for earth-friendly reasons but they were so beautiful that I couldn’t refrain myself and purchased them. Rachel is a lovely Australian lady and she was very nice! 

And last but not least, little Miss Sixtine, wearing her beautiful vintage baby bonnet by 4PennyGirl, Etsy shop.