Random Short Story: My Daughter Is Not French

According to the law, my daughter is not (certified) French.

I had an appointment at the city hall to have a passport made for Sixtine. I had phoned prior to the appointment and asked for the required documents. I arrived pretty excited to the thought of my daughter being Canadian-French and holding both passports.

Well, apparently, it is a little more complicated than that. “Nationality through parentage must be established while the child is still a minor (under 18).” She was born in Canada so she is Canadian and that’s the end of the story. I have to get a certificate of French nationality for her which can be obtained by phoning the family court and blablabla. Why make things so complicated?! I am French. She’s French and that should be enough. But I will get this stupid certificate so that my little one can travel in Europe like the French little lady that she is.