The Little Red Farm Worldwide Cultural Exchange

I have recently come across an amazing blog called The Little Red Farm; the author had the wonderful idea to organize a Worldwide Cultural Exchange which we have just signed up for. So what is the objective of this cultural exchange?

The objective is to share information with a group of other families about the country in which you live (or that you will be representing) so that they can get a feel for the culture of that country. This is achieved by sending a package to the family (usually addressed to the child or children) with bits and pieces that you have chosen to give a good overview of what it is like to live there.

I remember the excitement of receiving letters from penpals, and postcards from other young kids like myself when I was a girl and I believe my daughter will benefit greatly in doing such cultural exchange. I want her to be aware of the rich diversity of the world and feel that she is part of it.   I will keep whatever she receives in a special treasure box, until she is old enough to do it herself. I am so thrilled about this, I thought I would share with fellow culture/languages enthusiast readers.

I will keep you updated !

” How Do You Become Fluent in 11 Languages? “

A 20-year old British student can speak 11 languages – English, Greek, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Hebrew, Catalan and Italian according to BBC News UK. You can see him do so here: How did this man learn 11 languages?  I am so jealous ! I know it is bad to envy people but I have always dreamed of being polyglot. In his little introduction, he explains how he got to learn them and how learning a specific language can make it easier for you to learn another one (ie. Spanish –> Portuguese, Italian, French).

Talking about speaking foreign languages, I have been wanting to learn a new one: Spanish? Swedish? Chinese?, or even better, refresh a rusty one: Italian? Portuguese? Or German?

I have a pretty good hear for languages and I was thinking of trying Rosetta Stone. I hear it is a great new way of learning languages and “the world’s #1 language-learning software”.

Do you know anything about Rosetta Stone? What are other language-learning materials you’d recommend? Websites? Books?