(Not Quite) Irish Twins

(Not Quite) Irish Twins

Sisterly love.
Victoire (1 month), Sixtine (18 months)


Letter To Baby #2

I am sorry.

I am sorry that I don’t play music for you as much as I would like. And I am sorry if sometimes I feel sad and cry. You are our second baby girl and we love you just as much as the first one. It is just different. Your big sister takes a lot of my time and energy and Daddy went away to work. I promise to be the loving mother that you deserve when you come to this world. I want you to know that I love you so much. I just can’t be there for you all the time and talk to you, feel you, and interact with you as I did for your big sister. It breaks my heart little sister.

Babywearing: The Sling (Mama Kangaroo)

My husband got me a sling when Sixtine was about two or a little over two months old so that I could be more “independent” so to speak and do things around the house as my daughter wanted to be held, or on my chest all the time. I found it really difficult and thought it’d be a good compromise.

I used it a lot around the house, but always took the stroller when we were out because it felt more practical and makes a great cart! I have to say that I absolutely love our jogger stroller.

But  I left Canada for France when Sixtine turned four months and realized how difficult it was for me to go around in Paris. I couldn’t get out by myself – the Parisian métro doesn’t care about strollers.

Last friday, I met with my friend Rachael and her baby Henry in La Défense and felt very nervous at the thought of travelling by myself, by train and spend a whole afternoon there. I knew there was no way I could take the stroller so I decided to carry Sixtine in the sling.

I did have to bring her diaper bag which I probably over-packed, and think I will travel lighter next time, but…

…We did absolutely wonderful. I should have more trust in my own baby. I was picturing a squirmy, whiny Sixtine (and really, she barely ever is) and instead, Sixtine was delightful and comfortable. I had a great time and felt so proud that I was able to travel by myself. I haven’t used the stroller much since.

What I absolutely love about the sling is the closeness it provides and Sixtine loves the motion and being able to look around and be at everyone’s level. She is a very outgoing, sociable, and curious baby and I think this is great for her.

Mama Kangaroo sling (Stretchy Wrap) is a big stretch of fabric that enables you to do anything you want with it.

5 Meters of slightly stretch fabric, one size fits all wearers and babies. This carrier distributes the baby’s weight evenly on shoulders, entire back and hips. It is ideal for longer baby wearing periods and is just as comfortable as you favorite T-shirt! The pouch is a decorative element that was added to help you find the wrap’s center easily and to carry small objects like a bib or a diaper. Many possible positions, same wrapping every time! Best seller!

I have been using it the same way since she was born and it is great. I usually have her in the tummy-to-tummy position but she likes facing the world as well. It took me only a couple tries to learn how to do it and once I got it, it was very easy to put on!

As odd as it may sound, carrying Sixtine this way makes me feel great. I feel like the Mama I want to be, she is so content and peaceful, I couldn’t ask for more.

You’re a Hypocondriac or My Pregnancy Test Story

I don’t know about you but I have been seeing a lot of pregnant people, and I have about four pregnant friends this year! It is funny because although I am not part of their club anymore, I feel very close to them. I still feel pregnant in some ways…my baby is a big girl now but it seems to me like I gave birth yesterday.

I remember last year in February, I was working at a nursery school and I thought I had a stomach bug or something more serious. I phoned my mother and said: “Mum, I am either pregnant or deadly sick!” I waited for another two weeks and bought a pregnancy test, the Clearblue brand as I didn’t think I could handle the lines and needed a response right away. I remember getting it in the store while running errands with my husband, and not mentioning anything to him. Unfortunately, the cashier wasn’t very delicate and almost threw the test at him!He said I was a hypocondriac!

I took the test that night to find out one second later (and not in just two minutes) that I was pregnant 3+ weeks! I was in shock! We wanted this baby very much but I never thought it’d work so well, the first time! I stayed right there, without moving, staring at it, with a racing mind, and a hand over my mouth…I put myself together and called my husband who was sitting in the living room, and showed him the test without a word! He lifted his arms up in the air, happy, excited and waited for me to say something.

We talked, and dreamed about this little human being we were soon to be parenting and fell asleep happy. I did another test in the morning before going to work, just to make sure. I was extremely nervous about the results this time as the idea of a baby-us was already so real to us. Again, First Response said “yes”.

I started feeling dizzy and nauseous that day. My husband brought me vitamins and What To Expect When You’Re Expecting after work. I thought it was a very thoughtful, love-ful shall I say, attention. The following day, I threw up for the first time, almost happy, as if getting sick was a proof of my pregnancy. To think it lasted 9 months!

I love reminiscing about that day who changed everything. I love to think about how little Sixtine was at that time and how excited we were, keeping this little secret of ours.

I would absolutely love for you to share your “I am pregnant!” stories with me!

10 Little Things That Made My Heart Sang This Week

Because it is important to keep track.

  1. The big smile on my daughter’s face when she wakes up in the morning.  But that is not it, she also does a little Elvis-like dance that is absolutely adorable. It is everyday of the week, every week but you can’t beat that.
  2. Becoming a Permanent Resident Of Canada. Duh !
  3. Laughing as there was no tomorrow with my husband on Skype.
  4. Winning the book “French Kids Eat Everything” by Karen Le Billon on Sweet Potatoe Chronicle (blog giveaway).
  5. Sending two packages (US and Singapore / Worldwide Cultural Exchange) to children I don’t know and think that it will make them happy.
  6. Getting an almost unexpected little present in the mail for Sixtine.
  7. Finding out that formula is 50% cheaper in France than in Canada.
  8. Sixtine’s first tooth. Yes, my tiny little baby has a tooth.
  9. Learning that my best friend’s first date went great.
  10. Being a week away from my girlie shopping-clubbing weekend in London.
  11. (I know I said ten but oh well…) I am making new friends.

Did your heart sing this week? 

Breaking news: one of my “followers” had a baby this week ! Congratulations Sabina ! Hope you and the baby are well.

A Belated Baby Shower

Baby showers aren’t a common trend in France. They probably exist but I have never been to one. I didn’t really have a ” proper” baby shower in Canada (I was probably not much fun company when I was pregnant and since it is not something that we usually do in my home country I didn’t mind too much.) but I still got a mini-one which happened when the baby was a couple months old, a friend of mine invited a couple girls I know and made sweet cupcakes and brought some cheeses and crackers. They brought presents and some things for my husband and I – so we wouldn’t have to cook for a couple days. It was a very thoughtful attention (and very helpful)and I thought it would be nice to have one in France someday.

We celebrated her baby shower yesterday afternoon with many of my friends and family members. We had a lovely time. I had asked everyone to bring something to eat or drink and they didn’t disappoint. I made chocolate chip muffins, banana bread with roasted pecans, and bottle-shaped cookies (that I burnt), as well as mini cotton candies for everyone (store bought but put together with love). There was praline and chocolate chip cookies, salmon and cheese muffins, salmon bread, olives and feta bread, brownies, and many more yummy things ! We played a few fun games such as “How Many Baby Items Can You Name?”, laughed, ate, and everyone got to hold little Sissi who loved being the center of attention.

Did you have a baby shower for your baby or something similar to celebrate his or her upcoming birth/or birth?

Random Short Story: Some People’s Comments

“You are not suffering from lack of sleep then !” Some people are just so unthoughtful ! How would you feel if a nurse told you you weren’t suffering from lack of sleep because your baby slept through the night?! I know some people are worse off but I have been feeling exhausted, physically and mentally, and that is the last thing I want to hear right now…that I shouldn’t be tired  because my daughter sleeps at night. She does sleep. But she doesn’t sleep 24/7 !! And there are plenty other things a new mum has to adjust to and actually do during the day. I am really upset that she would just say that although I am sure she meant well but still. I have just been very sensitive on people’s comments about everything-parenting. Whether it’s “she’s using a pacifier already???”, or a “you are not breastfeeding anymore !”, I really don’t see the point. And I don’t like that.