Random Short Story: Strangers Touching Your Baby

People can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Sixtine and I were out grocery shopping this afternoon. After a little while, she got a little cranky from being tired and all that, and started crying. We were almost done and as I was looking away, I noticed the baby had stopped crying. A Chinese lady was entertaining her with a flower. There was no harm in doing so (it was nice of her and she probably meant well) but when I tried to make eye contact with her (basically, I just wanted to smile and go) she ignored me. I was going to leave but her cart was blocking my way. She was with her husband and seemed to have all kind of things to tell him in their language that I don’t understand while HOLDING MY baby’s foot. She never paid attention to me. And I pretty much had to force my way away.

Like. Seriously. HI ! DO YOU MIND?


I should have said something but I was pretty astonished at her ignorance skills. She seemed amazed by Sixtine. Not sure why and what she was saying to her husband but anyways, didn’t like that one !

Random Short Story: Leftover Chicken for Breakfast Anyone?

The baby was still asleep this morning when my husband left for work. He usually feeds her before going to work if the timing works out which allows me to sleep a little longer since she usually goes back to sleep for a little bit after her bottle. But not this morning. And I think this is the reason why my body clock is messed up today. I was pretty hungry and decided to go fix myself a snack. I checked the microwave clock and saw a 1 and assumed it was passed one so I decided to have some leftover from last night, instead of a piece of banana/nutella bread. As I was eating my meal, I felt kinda sick. It just didn’t feel right to eat that piece of chicken at that time. So I checked the clock again – only to realize it was 10am. Not 1pm. I feel pretty sick right now at the thought of having had chicken for breakfast. And the first thing I thought was: “OMG. I am losing it !”. I think I am going to call my husband to let him know he married a crazy cuckoo.