Teething And Biting While Breastfeeding


This will be a quick post. I haven’t been blogging much for many reasons but I will get back to it as soon as I can. I have been working on a very exciting project and with two little ones under two, it has proven difficult doing it all, let alone blogging but it should quiet down a little in the next few weeks.

Victoire, who is now 5 months has two teeths now and she knows how to use them! It is making breastfeeding challenging – add on a bad cold in the mix and you’ve got a pretty good picture.

I am really hurting from the biting and quite discouraged to be honest. I would like to make it 6 months at least, and then push it to 9 months and so on but I have been looking into getting a pump (if I can’t nurse then at least, she would be getting breast milk!) and a cup for her to drink from.

I have been spacing feeding times to make sure she is really hungry and avoid the dreading nipple chewing and I think it is resulting into a blocked duct. Yay me. I usually say no, and put her down when she bites but it doesn’t seem to be working.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced it? What brands would you recommend for a pump and/or a cup?

5 Teeths and Biting

Oh no…Our darling daughter has now five teeths (two upper, three bottom) and has started to bite me. She bites me when she is frustrated, when she’s missed me, when she is mad at me, or when she is beyond tired and doesn’t know what to do with herself. It really hurts and I don’t understand why she would do such thing – let alone the fact that she only bites ME. Never does it to her father. I really hope it is just a phase because it really hurts my feelings. I usually say: OUCH (and it is not an act, it really hurts), then tell her that we do not bite. And then put her down or away from me. I feel that this week was the worst week of all but she has been teething pretty hard so this might be the reason why…

She also pinches my nipples (I know, right) and have started around the time we found out I was pregnant. I think she knows what is going on – my chest is much bigger than it used to be and she can probably feel the difference…

Any advice on how to improve a 10 month-old behavior? Redirecting hasn’t done anything for us so far (or it might take time until she picks up the “right behavior”) and I would like her to stop biting me!

What Ever Happened To My Great Sleeper?!

How do you tell such cute face “not your bed! mine!”?

Sixtine used to be a great sleeper. As soon as she turned 2 months, I decided that it was time for her to sleep in her own room. It only took about three days, and perseverance and consistency! Then we went to France for four months and shared the same bedroom. I would go to sleep long after she would but I am pretty sure she was laughing inside knowing exactly what was going on! I am sleeping with Mama! Yay!  Now that we are back, Sixtine is almost 9 months, she is teething (her two front upper teeth are piercing through), she is learning a million new tricks everyday and she is facing separation anxiety. Plus, this is a new environment for her, Paris was loud, busy, and the house was filled of laughter, a barking chiwawa dog, aunties and Nana. Here, it is just me and her. And it is as quiet as quiet can be. You may have guessed by now:

She won’t sleep alone! Every time I put her in bed, she screams for me to come back. And she is not pretending, she is really upset, you should see her. It is heart-breaking. I have been rocking her to sleep, cuddling her to sleep, and even lying down in bed with her for two weeks now. She usually sleeps in our bed after she first wakes up in the middle of the night. She sleeps so peacefully when she is with us.

I can’t blame her – she is being such a trooper. She is probably missing what she thought was her home, her aunties, grandmother and all the little things that make you feel come home. She is showing interest in my own little thing that I used to sleep with ( I am using the past here, but really, it is a lie. I still sleep with it.), I think it has my smells and that it comforts her somehow.

I am hoping that it is just a phase and that it will pass. I want her to feel happy in her own bed again.

Sigh…Teething Rant

She’s teething.
My poor little one has been going through a lot of pain over the last five days and I am starting to wonder if it will ever stop. She hasn’t had a good night sleep for days, she hardly naps anymore, won’t eat much, and fusses a lot (etc.). It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. She is a very easy baby so I can tell right away when something is wrong.
I am beyond exhausted. I take my hat off to single parents! Parenting with my husband is so much easier but I guess at the end of the day, you do what you have to do.

Embarking on the Teething Journey: Part 1

So it is official…our little one has been teething for a few weeks and it hasn’t been pretty.  Flushed cheeks, ear rubbing, drooling, disrupted nights and hand sucking have been her daily routine.

It is actually quite funny to see her try to put all her fingers in her mouth at once — but I feel for her. It hasn’t been that long since my wisdom teeth have popped out and I clearly remember the pain.

We have been trying different things:

Hazel-wood necklace: I was using it for reflux until a nurse at the Public Health told me it was very dangerous and although I trust myself at knowing what is good or bad for my daughter I was never able to use it again…but I recently read that putting it around her ankle with a sock on would do the job just as well so I might try again tonight.

Hazelwood acts to balance the body’s pH levels  turning acidic pH levels into alkaline levels. The way it works is the hazelwood actually absorbs the extra acid and while it does, the wood gradually turns a darker brown color. In order for the body to be at it’s best healing level, it should be slightly more alkaline. When your body is higher in acidic pH, you are susceptible to more illnesses and pains. By helping it be more alkaline, it is better able to filter out toxins and help the immune system combat any illnesses.                    

These necklaces have been used to relieve and soothe the following health conditions: teething, gastric reflux, heartburn, skin problems, arthritis, cavities, migraines,constipation or babies suffering with the aches and pains of teething, as well as eczema and diaper rashes.

Camilia teething by Boiron: A friend of mine recommended it, and I was very happy to use a more natural medicine to soothe our baby. Unfortunately, she hates it so much that it will make her gag and will eventually throw up. I am not sure why as it is supposedly “neutral-tasting” but again I haven’t tried it myself.

“Camilia® relieves symptoms of teething. Developed specifically for babies and toddlers aged 1 to 30 months, Camilia® is made with sterile water and contains no sugar, no colouring and no preservatives. It does not interact with other medicines and has no side effects. Camilia® is neutral-tasting and comes packaged in sterile, drinkable and unbreakable unit-doses, making it an easy-to-administer, safe and fast-acting way of soothing teething woes. With Camilia®, your baby will be smiling again in no time – and so will you!”

So we went and bought some:

Tylenol which is supposed to soothe quicker than

Advil which lasts longer

and we have been giving her Tylenol during the day and Advil before bedtime and it seems to help a lot.

– I have also tried giving her a wet cold cloth to chew/suck on but she doesn’t really seem to get it.

– A friend of mine who has two little girls suggested I give her cold milk whenever I felt necessary and it seems to soothe her gum really well.

Teething ring:  when my baby was born a friend sent me a list of thing she thought had been very useful/helpful for her boys and I decided to get the http://www.bynature.ca/baby-toothbrush.html  she recommended. I bought in pink and I love it. I use it as a teething ring at the moment but I think it is great to help children get used to the routine of teeth brushing at an early age.

Plus, it is: “ free of plastic, BPA, PVC and Phalthates (and) pediatric dentists recommend cleaning your baby’s gums even before the first tooth appears. This first toothbrush cleans teeth and massages tender gums to help remove sugars and bacteria that can lead to future decay. 100% silicone chewing type toothbrush is recommended for age 4 months and up.

Despite all these, she is still pretty irritable due to lack of sleep and so are we but I have to say that I am very lucky to be married to a great husband who sacrifices his sleep for me.

Please share with us your awesome tips on how to make teething a better journey for baby in your comment.  Thank you !