Toddler Practical Life Activities

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Sixtine showed a lot of interest in all these activities this week. She absolutely loves playing with water but more importantly, she likes the independence they provided. She expressed so much happiness and excitement while doing them.

I love observing her as she concentrates to reach “perfection” and tries and tries again. I did not have to ask her to clean after herself. I simply made a cloth available for her and she naturally used it to sponge the water.

As you can see, I used various objects with their own particularities and challenges. She did unbelievably well with the black spoon. I felt that it may not be the best object as I thought it would probably be too difficult but she actually did great. We used styrofoam balls (they are great little floating machines 😉 and ice cubes (she loved them so much that she ate a couple – however, I felt that it proved a little challenging for her to scoop – they would slide off the spoon and she eventually had to use her hands.)

Inspiration: Books. Internet. Pinterest. Yoghurt container idea: Racheous. I am also an unconditional “fan” of howwemontessori.

I am always looking for new activities to try with her – so feel free to link any related blog post in your comment and I will be happy to check it out! Thank you.

Spa Baby – The European Style Baby Tub


Our 10 week-old daughter posing with style in her Spa Baby Tub.

When we decided to go with this European style Baby Tub (I wonder why they call it European as I don’t recall any of my French entourage using those kinds though), I got a few odd comments about it. But I stayed strong and went with it anyway.

I have been very pleased with this baby tub which is very easy to use and great for baby. She is turning four months in a couple weeks and still has room to grow – and she is a very tall baby ! I love how it enables her to sit without assistance now (I don’t leave her by herself – what I mean is that it makes the job easier for us as we can reach for soap and cloth more freely); her feet in front of her will keep her in an upright position and although I would never let myself distracted, I think the upright position reduces the chance of drowning – especially after a few weeks of age when they are able to hold their head up. Another thing I like about this tub is that it takes very little room in our fairly small bathroom.

Bath time with Spa Baby is relaxing both for baby and me. I highly recommend it. You can buy one here in the eco-friendly and regular version:

“Simply the warmest and most relaxing bath ever.
  • Warm water to chest level keeps your baby warm.
  • A natural, instinctive, fetal position relaxes your baby.
  • Water stays warm for 20 minutes and lets you relax during bathtime with Spa Baby, the tub babies love.”