A Belated Baby Shower

Baby showers aren’t a common trend in France. They probably exist but I have never been to one. I didn’t really have a ” proper” baby shower in Canada (I was probably not much fun company when I was pregnant and since it is not something that we usually do in my home country I didn’t mind too much.) but I still got a mini-one which happened when the baby was a couple months old, a friend of mine invited a couple girls I know and made sweet cupcakes and brought some cheeses and crackers. They brought presents and some things for my husband and I – so we wouldn’t have to cook for a couple days. It was a very thoughtful attention (and very helpful)and I thought it would be nice to have one in France someday.

We celebrated her baby shower yesterday afternoon with many of my friends and family members. We had a lovely time. I had asked everyone to bring something to eat or drink and they didn’t disappoint. I made chocolate chip muffins, banana bread with roasted pecans, and bottle-shaped cookies (that I burnt), as well as mini cotton candies for everyone (store bought but put together with love). There was praline and chocolate chip cookies, salmon and cheese muffins, salmon bread, olives and feta bread, brownies, and many more yummy things ! We played a few fun games such as “How Many Baby Items Can You Name?”, laughed, ate, and everyone got to hold little Sissi who loved being the center of attention.

Did you have a baby shower for your baby or something similar to celebrate his or her upcoming birth/or birth?



  1. I think late baby showers are awesome! I’m throwing one for a friend next week so everyone can meet her new baby. It’s more of a welcome home baby party! Looks like Sixtine s’est bien amuse!

  2. In Texas we call late showers a “meet and greet”. Normally meet and greets are for mom’s who aren’t 1st time moms or have waited until the birth to find out the sex of the baby.

    My friends and family threw me a beautiful shower with nearly 50 ladies. It was reallly sweet. At the end of the shower all of the ladies laid their hands on my belly and prayed for a great delivery and for my family as we grew. It is one of my most cherished memories while being pregnant. 🙂

  3. Glad you, Sixtine and all the others had a great time! She looks gorgeous as always! ♥

  4. In England, I had a baby shower at my work when I was about to go on maternity leave. It was amazing as all day before the shower, I had pupils (I am a teacher) and colleagues bringing me cards and presents between lessons or at the end of lessons like several mini-suprises. Being an expat, my friends were also my colleagues (and my french friends all live in different countries around the world) so it was very nice indeed! Then we had the proper shower after the pupils were gone, with nice food and lots of presents fo the baby. I wonder if Spanish do Baby Shower ??

  5. I didn’t have a baby shower but if we’re lucky enough to have another child, I’m going to force my friends to through one for me. If only so I can have an excuse to eat lots of cupcakes! So pleased that you had such a nice time back in France x

  6. Mine was thrown after my son was born too. I think it might be better that way, because then family and friends get a chance to meet the baby

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