Writing My First Guest Post

I was very flattered when Ana over BlueBirdKisses asked me whether I would be interested into guest posting on her blog and immediately said yes. Then I start thinking: What do I write about? Is she going to like my post? How about her readers?

I decided to write a short fashion-related post to start with – I didn’t want to let her down and thought it would be safer to start my first guest post with little content. I definitely got writer’s block and was very nervous sending it when I was done. I even told her it was ok if she didn’t want to publish it anymore…talk about lack of confidence !

Anyways, she did publish it and said she liked it so here is the finish product:

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to write on your blog Ana ! It was a great experience !



  1. What an honor! Great job!

  2. Congrats Deb! Your article is very interesting and “Petit Bateau” is a brand very representative of french fashion! Ana’s compliment on her blog is very delighful and truthful ! I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy your blog as we doing!

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