10 Ugly Confessions Of A Mama Of Two Under Two


  1. One baby stays up late. The other baby gets up early. Do the Maths.
  2. I am seriously tired of changing diapers. I never really cared for it but I consider it a chore now.
  3. I have lost tons of weight. No diet.
  4. I go to sleep long after midnight. Because it is the only me-time I get.
  5. I have reviewed some of my principles. And I guess it is OK for Sixtine to watch TV when I need a break from her to get something done.
  6. I feel like crying at times.
  7. There are no bad hair days, just bad hair lately.
  8. I thought I only wanted one baby, but when I see them interact, I feel that having Victoire was the best gift we could ever give Sixtine.
  9. I never know what day of the week it is.
  10. I miss my young, wild and free days.

I was inspired to write this post after reading a post about Moms’ confessions and it made me feel so good reading their confessions (they were anonymous which made them all the more authentic) that I thought I would write mine own. I will link up if I find it. In the meantime, please share your confessions with me! Let’s all feel better!


  1. Yup. Exactly. Especially #7!!

    It’s tragic and kind of funny. Here is my tragic- funny list ๐Ÿ™‚ http://bronlea.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/you-know-youre-a-mom-if/

    • Oh my! Just read your list and laughed in real life which startled my nursing baby. It is 2am. My 10-point list wasn’t intended to be funny otherwise I would have added a ton more. Haha I actually went grocery shopping ALONE last week, it lasted a little less than a half hour and I felt so light! I don’t even recall going to the bathroom without company! Sixtine will comment and even hand out toilet paper! Thank you for popping by and making me laugh!

      • I’m glad it made you laugh. I know your list was not intended to be funny: I remember that exhaustion and wanting to cry all the time just a few months ago. Those days still happen, but not as often as the middle of the night breastfeeding days. You are a superhero in disguise, you know ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. journey2dfuture says:

    I think as a mother we have all been there and done of these at some point or another.

  3. You will get through this exhausting season. I promise!

  4. I loved your list, Deb! I made one too….its quite cathartic really.

    – I consider it a MAJOR accomplishment some days to get out of my pyjamas.
    – I have gone to the shop in my pyjamas. On more than one occasion.
    – Before having kids I would never leave the house without clean clothes, hair done, full makeup. Now, I try to brush my teeth and usually just hope that no one notices that mystery stain on my top.
    – Lately, my kids have been watching MUCH more TV then I would like to admit.
    – I have let my toddler eat cookies for lunch because I just didn’t want the fight.
    – I daydream about when they both go to school and I might have a couple of hours to myself once in a while
    – Some days I have to think about just how to survive the next hour (for every hour) in order to not cry/freak out/run away
    – Some days I feel like I am just surviving instead of enjoying life with my kids. Which makes me feel hideously guilty and mad at myself.
    – I eat a lot (A LOT) of chocolate. In fact, the shop ran out of the chocolate bar I like yesterday and the shop owner said to me “I can’t understand it, we used to always have plenty of these and lately we are always running out.” I know the reason….

    • Ahhh Karyn…! I can related to #3 so much, I guess it all comes down to priorities! Oh and it is too funny, we share the same chocolate addiction! Since I have been home, I have been having this M&M’s craving…it is crazy! You’d think I am pregnant. (Not even something to be joking about!!). We will get through it together and your family will be able to help soon! Hugs โค

  5. I don’t have kids yet but I already relate to you on some of the aspects you mention… Should I be worried?! ๐Ÿ™‚

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