Babywearing: The Sling (Mama Kangaroo)

My husband got me a sling when Sixtine was about two or a little over two months old so that I could be more “independent” so to speak and do things around the house as my daughter wanted to be held, or on my chest all the time. I found it really difficult and thought it’d be a good compromise.

I used it a lot around the house, but always took the stroller when we were out because it felt more practical and makes a great cart! I have to say that I absolutely love our jogger stroller.

But  I left Canada for France when Sixtine turned four months and realized how difficult it was for me to go around in Paris. I couldn’t get out by myself – the Parisian métro doesn’t care about strollers.

Last friday, I met with my friend Rachael and her baby Henry in La Défense and felt very nervous at the thought of travelling by myself, by train and spend a whole afternoon there. I knew there was no way I could take the stroller so I decided to carry Sixtine in the sling.

I did have to bring her diaper bag which I probably over-packed, and think I will travel lighter next time, but…

…We did absolutely wonderful. I should have more trust in my own baby. I was picturing a squirmy, whiny Sixtine (and really, she barely ever is) and instead, Sixtine was delightful and comfortable. I had a great time and felt so proud that I was able to travel by myself. I haven’t used the stroller much since.

What I absolutely love about the sling is the closeness it provides and Sixtine loves the motion and being able to look around and be at everyone’s level. She is a very outgoing, sociable, and curious baby and I think this is great for her.

Mama Kangaroo sling (Stretchy Wrap) is a big stretch of fabric that enables you to do anything you want with it.

5 Meters of slightly stretch fabric, one size fits all wearers and babies. This carrier distributes the baby’s weight evenly on shoulders, entire back and hips. It is ideal for longer baby wearing periods and is just as comfortable as you favorite T-shirt! The pouch is a decorative element that was added to help you find the wrap’s center easily and to carry small objects like a bib or a diaper. Many possible positions, same wrapping every time! Best seller!

I have been using it the same way since she was born and it is great. I usually have her in the tummy-to-tummy position but she likes facing the world as well. It took me only a couple tries to learn how to do it and once I got it, it was very easy to put on!

As odd as it may sound, carrying Sixtine this way makes me feel great. I feel like the Mama I want to be, she is so content and peaceful, I couldn’t ask for more.

Green Parenting l 10 “Biotiful” Ways Of Raising Your Baby

I was naturally inclined to use mostly eco-friendly, natural, and chemical-free products for baby long before she was born. Here is a list of ten things you could do to bio-tify your baby.

  • Diapers. They produce so much waste that they had to be on the top of the list. Cloth diapering would be the greener option but for those of you who can’t or don’t want to cloth diaper, eco-friendly diapers are  better than big brand names. They are free of many of chemicals and work just as well as their counterparts. We do both and it works wonders for us. Sixtine has never had a rash since she was born and we don’t use any ointment.
  • Wipes. Even the milder wipes are very irritating for the skin of your baby. You could make your own baby lotion and use cloth wipes, or if you are like my husband and like things to be practical, get scent-free, chlorine-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free wipes. I have used several brands (Naty, Seventh Generation,…) but my favorites are the NatraCare which are just the best. “They are free from detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) or any of its close relatives, parabens, SHG and other types of formaldehyde releasing preservatives.” They are very efficient, smell naturally delicious and leave Sixtine’s bum moisturized and softened.
  • Baby products. Wash. Shampoo. Balm. I know times are hard but don’t let yourself bribed by big brand name companies and check the labels of your baby’s products. You will be surprised to see how many toxic chemicals are in them. I use products such as Lüsa organics, Dimpleskins and I am always on the look for new natural products.
  • Food. Many store-bought meals (ie.jars) contain lots of preservatives, thickening, salt, and sugar that your children don’t need. They also don’t taste as good as a real homemade meal so why take the chance? If you don’t have time to cook, then look for organic products are they are a much healthier and tastier option for your baby.
  • Clothing. Organic cotton, pure cotton and bamboo are the best for your babies’ skin. I like my daughter to look nice and unfortunately, organic clothing is expensive and not always very fashionable which is why I only buy them in onesies. They are the closest to her skin; she looks nice on the oustide and (I like to think) feels wonderful inside.
  • Detergent. Babies are messy, the real kind ! They go through a lot of clothes and if you are cloth diapering, you can double or triple the number of laundry a week.  A great brand we use is Rockin Green Laundry Detergent, you can also use other eco-friendly detergent that will respect baby’s sensitive skin and Mother Nature. Another great option would be soap nuts  which are suitable for the most sensitive skin and are organic and vegan.

  • Check your labels always and refer to EWG, Environment Working Group, (“works to protect kids from toxic chemicals in our food, water, air and the products we use every day.”) to find out if your products are safe and compare them.
  • Natural play. Outdoors, wooden toys, homemade playdough, flower and leaves picking…, they are a lot of natural ways of playing that are non-toxic and will bring a lot more to your children than some over-stimulating toys. Be crafty and creative !
  • Bring Earth awareness to your home. If Mummy and Daddy are respectful to the Earth, baby will as well.
  • Now tell us. How Biotiful is your baby? Please share your tips on to raise an eco-friendly baby !

Finally, I know that it is not always possible to get the greener option (financial, location, or even lack of knowledge on the subject) and I am still learning everyday. I think the more important is to try and get informed. I am lucky to have a few green-oriented friends who have been very helpful in the process and I will be happy to answer questions to the best of my abilities or direct you to someone who would know.

Win A Cloth Diaper Picture Contest: Check

Win A Cloth Diaper Picture Contest: Check